The safety of zoom payments – truths and myths

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PayPass and PayWave, these gained two deadlines in last months huge popularity. All for the matter of the so-called zoom payment or as who prefers bezdotykowych. PayPass and PayWave this the name under what organizations payment VISA (PayWave)and MasterCard (PayPass)made accessible the zoom technology used in payments cards to the customers of banks.

Both are systems in their foundations almost identical. He does not lack however signals, that though they work act zoom payments everywhere there where accessible are not always this possible is. All by the so-called agreement of terminals. They happen the situation in which one point accepts the cards of both types but already having the card PayWave we can encounter difficulties near the payment in the terminal PayPass.

Quick and easy payments, but or safe?
Every time the speech is about payments cards or internet transfers subject of safety of such transactions appears. Banks try to educate one’s customers and to remind about the basic principles of safe banking.

And as is he in the case of zoom payments?
Did the fashion curtains the form of the payment on this to somewhat very essential matter of the safety of our money? The problem is about so many essential that Poles already have in portfolios above 6 million of such cards. Banks make happy them customers or they want this or not. bezdotykowe cards replace the previous cards he is given this case from here to customers very quick. A dozen or so millions of cards working in the zoom technology years on the market will be for 2.

Are zoom cards safe? How does the consciousness of the threat look among all participants of the market (banks, points accepting payments, customers)?
Is it at all remembering about the risk worth in the case of zoom cards?
Making the transaction on small sums to 50 zloty without the necessity of giving the code of PIN is the their idea of functioning.

Therefore, someone can give the question.
Since are transactions only to 50 zloty this or be what worry?
On pretence not, but only on pretence. To represent however the situation in which our card in strange hands can be of service to several transaction on 50 zloty easily. And the sum of our losses can then grow to a few hundred zloties.

Can we have dangers to deal with in the case of using the comfort from what kind what zoom payments give us doubtless?

The expert  expresses oneself oneself from interesting firm house delivery of appropriate solutions from this range on the subject of the safety, the Lord Wojciech Bazyly

Have to be sensible that when the contact is holds by the means of bezstykowych technologies, we do not know when different persons try to join with our card and to get information on her written down. The bezstykowa contact uses the popular technology RFID. RFID is technology using radio waves, serving to transport and the transfer of the data, necessary to identification and following, among reader and special Tagus placed in the device (e.g. credit card). The thief can try our PayPassem (technology RFID)join, when we are in tram or trade centre. We can find many examples in the net, when unaware citizens nothing were attached by the put person who read given from their bezstykowych cards. Read given in the figure of the number of card, name and the owner last name, towards his surprise, they were presented on the screen of the laptop then. He represents easily what can do hacker and thief with these data. The duplicate of the card will suffice to do. One can here see the film showing as such operation looks.

The only owners of cards are not subject on the danger, but also banks delivering cards. The majority of financial institutions delivers cards for the mediation of post office to her customers. You should not have the acquaintance with the programmed suitably reader to zeskanować given from the card which he is in the envelope and addressed to the customer at post office.
Except the problem of the theft of money from the citizen account, the bezstykowa contact creates the wide field to the show the identity to thieves. Or and credit card, if the also different device equipped in the technology bezstykową RFID contains or the access gives to given personal. Their copying e.g. from passport or personal evidence (the probability exists that new evidences and passports will be equipped in RFID)he creates unrestricted possibilities to falsifications, wymuszeń, szantaży near use of strange data. The fact be can the example that certain person sklonowała the passport Elvisa Presleya in the USA (fortunately only in demonstrative aims). One can here see the film from cloning Elvisa.

The contact of bezstykowej also creates many possibilities to the surveillance of the society. Represent oneself, that having in the pocket the card working in the system PayPass, we move after the city. Hipotetycznie the power, or different subjects can be interested the distribution in city, country, in the world of readers RFID. When the owner of the card will find oneself in the range of the reader, suitable persons the knowledge each the time, he finds where card and her owner.

About how much some of described threats are easy to the image, last show the hypothetic situations which have the place in films Science Fiction about so many. We are certain, that only did power and different organizations know all about the citizen in the film Matrix…?

The tradesmen of bezstykowych cards took care about their safety through applying coding and different protections. I think, that after hackers last stocks (read about the attack on the firm house of Sony), we see as they are they organized guided, they to what are clever and as they learn quickly. Think if the possibility of the access is not third persons limiting to our given by the means of simple device blocking the broadcast of the data between card and bezstykowym reader worth? He will suffice to place one’s card in the special case and we are sure that nobody will be give to our data. Firm house e-Leash ( of such protectors in the form of the case deals with.  One can already buy the safety of one’s data for 7.5 zloty. I think, that and little in comparison with this one can lose.

One the present moment the quantity of points accepting bezdotykowe payments estimates on approx. 25 tys. This little takes the attention the quantity of trade and service points accepting traditional payment cards. The quantity together with will grow with the certainty the net of terminals with the dynamic growth of zoom cards. This is the good message for customers. Second party of the medal exists however. The field together with will grow up to malversation with utilization of zoom cards with the generality of this type of the payment.

Thomas Bar,
the co-operation:
Wojciech Bazyly

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